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Chennai Navagraga Temples Car Package

Tirupati Sri Balaji Travels specializes in offering comprehensive and spiritual tour packages to the Navagraha Temples around Chennai. Navagraha Temples are dedicated to the nine celestial bodies in Hindu astrology, and visiting them is believed to bring prosperity and peace. Our packages are designed to cater to spiritual seekers, astrology enthusiasts, and those interested in exploring the cultural and architectural significance of these temples. We focus on providing a holistic experience that combines religious significance with historical insights and local culture.

Drivers: Our drivers are experienced professionals with thorough knowledge of the routes to the Navagraha Temples and their surrounding areas. They are trained to prioritize passenger safety, punctuality, and comfort throughout the journey. Beyond their driving skills, our drivers act as knowledgeable guides, offering insights into the temples, local traditions, and the best places to visit in Chennai and its outskirts.

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4+1 Pax Rs.15000/- Book

The Toyota Etios is an excellent choice for small groups or families looking for a comfortable and economical travel option to explore the Navagraha Temples near Chennai. Known for its reliability and fuel efficiency, the Etios offers a smooth and enjoyable ride, making it perfect for city tours and visits to multiple temples in a day. It comfortably accommodates up to 4 passengers and is equipped with modern amenities to ensure a pleasant journey.

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6+1 Pax Rs.20000/- Book

The Toyota Innova is well-suited for larger families or groups due to its spacious interior and versatile seating arrangements. Renowned for its comfort and safety features, the Innova provides a luxurious travel experience suitable for longer journeys to visit the Navagraha Temples. It can comfortably accommodate up to 6-7 passengers and offers ample space for luggage, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable trip.

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12+1 Pax Rs.24000/- Book

For larger groups or corporate outings, the Tempo Traveler is the preferred choice. Available in various seating capacities, the Tempo Traveler offers spacious and comfortable seating arrangements for passengers. It's equipped with modern amenities like comfortable seats, air conditioning, and ample luggage space, ensuring a smooth and convenient travel experience to explore the Navagraha Temples near Chennai.

Sightseeing Places

The Navagraha Temples near Chennai are spread across different locations, each with its own unique history and significance:
1. Suryanar Kovil (Sun Temple): Located in Suryanarkoil, dedicated to the Sun God (Surya).
2. Chandran Temple (Moon Temple): Situated in Thingalur, dedicated to the Moon God (Chandra).
3. Angarakan Temple (Mars Temple): Found in Vaitheeswarankoil, dedicated to the planet Mars (Angaraka).
4. Budhan Temple (Mercury Temple): Located in Thiruvenkadu, dedicated to the planet Mercury (Budhan).
5. Guru Temple (Jupiter Temple): Situated in Alangudi, dedicated to the planet Jupiter (Guru).
6. Sukran Temple (Venus Temple): Found in Kanjanur, dedicated to the planet Venus (Sukra).
7. Sani Temple (Saturn Temple): Located in Thirunallar, dedicated to the planet Saturn (Sani).
8. Rahu Temple: Situated in Thirunageswaram, dedicated to the shadow planet Rahu.
9. Ketu Temple: Found in Keezhperumpallam, dedicated to the shadow planet Ketu.
These temples are known for their architectural splendor, spiritual ambiance, and the rituals performed to mitigate astrological afflictions according to Vedic astrology.

Customer Satisfaction

At Tirupati Sri Balaji Travels, we prioritize customer satisfaction through:
At Tirupati Sri Balaji Travels, we prioritize customer satisfaction through:
* Tailored Packages: Offering customizable tour packages that cater to individual preferences and interests, ensuring a personalized travel experience.
* Comfortable Transport: Providing a choice of vehicles including Toyota Etios for small groups, Toyota Innova for families or larger groups, and Tempo Traveler for bigger groups, ensuring comfort and convenience during travel. Quality Service: Ensuring well-maintained vehicles, prompt pickups, and courteous drivers who strive to make your journey pleasant and hassle-free.
* Feedback Mechanism: Welcoming feedback to continuously improve our services and ensure that every customer enjoys a memorable and fulfilling experience in Kumbakonam.
Whether you’re interested in exploring the ancient temples, experiencing local festivals, or delving into the cultural heritage of Kumbakonam, Tirupati Sri Balaji Travels is committed to providing a memorable and enriching travel experience tailored to your preferences.